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We value your time and energy above all else, and we want you to value your time and energy. 


The Health Hub is the next offering from the Tri Fitness stable. 


From my learnings in the fitness and also biohacking world, the Health Hub gives you a unique offering to either train aloneat a time convenient to your hectic schedule or as part of a team in one of many of the classes. 


Using state-of-the-art technology to ensure your body works to its maximum potential, making you fitter, faster, stronger and ultimately, healthier and happier. All whilst being tracked digitally to see how you are progressing. 


Our class timetable works for everyone so if you are either an early bird or a night owl our classes run between 7.15am through to 6.30pm. But, if these times don't work for you, The Health Hub is open from 5.30am through to 10pm, 7 days a week.

100% Results

The Health Hub Flow is a process we will refer back to time and again. It's your road map to results. We will sit down together and set your goals.

A brief discussion on what you'd like to achieve over the next few weeks and months. Individual targets require personalised workouts. Whether its muscle building, general fitness, body shaping or just an immunity boosting programme.

Our AI (artificial learning) learning machines are always monitoring your training sessions data  and will tweak and adapt your bespoke sessions every 6 sessions to achieve your chosen growth stimulus. 

Using the gathered data from your sessions, our machines learn about you and your capabilities and they automatically adjust your workouts to keep you on track to achieve your personal goals.  


Once you're all set up, all you have to do is show up and put in 25 minutes of work to hit your goals and start to look and feel incredible.  

Our Guarantee


Workout Facility


Our Methods
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Our Immunity Boost training programme strengthens your immune system through controlled, progressive training methods without elevating the risk of infection through excessive strain.


How does it work?
The training intensity is specifically designed to reach certain load limits to release "myokines" 


Myokines are, in a way, like “fuel“ for our immune system.


Every type of sport challenges its athletes to new physical feats every single day.


Resilience and high-speed strength are therefore two indispensable factors!


It doesn‘t matter which type of sport you take part in - you can reach a new level of performance with the EGYM “Athletic“ training programme.


The “Athletic““ programme is not focused on physical condition, but on performance, so your strength and determination can be converted into speed as effectively as possible.


This is the secret to becoming a better, stronger and more focused athlete.


Faster, stronger, fitter!


Is your goal to lose weight effectively and sustainably while maintaining good health? Then this programme is best for you.


Our “Weight Loss“ training programme based on scientific findings, supports you on your way to a new you.

This is made possible by intensive strength endurance training on our EGYM machines.


You train in high pulse ranges at low intensity, thereby ensuring maximum calorie burn.


You deserve to feel good! Start now!


A firm, strong and fit physique gives you incredible self-confidence! Time to get started with our EGYM figure training programme.

You will simultaneously burn fat and train your muscles during our training programme. In doing so, you will achieve a firmer, smoother body shape for a fit and defined appearance.

Sounds to good to be true? It‘s not!

You achieve subtle body definition through the combination of strength endurance and hypertrophy training.

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Screen Shot 2021-02-20 at 12.11.32.png
Screen Shot 2021-01-30 at 07.54.47.png
Screen Shot 2021-01-30 at 07.55.18.png
Screen Shot 2020-10-30 at 16.12.54.png


If you like pushing your limits, then nothing will stand in the way of your progress! Our EGYM kit and  “muscle building““ training programme will make you want to come back again and again. 

Build up muscles and be stronger than ever before. Your muscles are put to maximum use and experience a highly effective training stimulus for optimal muscle growth.


Become more robust, stronger and sculpt your perfect body.


Variation is the key to keeping your body thoroughly fit, young and strong. This is why our “General Fitness"  training programme focuses on a wide range of training stimuli for maintaining strength and suitability for everyday use.


This involves performing exercises with varying numbers of repetitions and intensity in moderate pulse ranges.


Come and see how effortlessly your everyday life can be managed!


We can help you with your pains and aches.
Get back in your game with our EGYM “Rehab-Fit“ training programme!


A decisive factor for a successful return to training is gentle exertion that is dependent on the daily form.


Our training programme starts you off with a workload that's within your capabilities.


Through careful regulation of the intensity, you can start to feel fit and strong again. 


Our training programme for a healthy metabolism: Metabolic Fit!

Physical exercise is very effective for those with high blood sugar levels and diabetes.


The EGYM “Metabolic Fit““ training programme allows you to gently increase your endurance.


A wealth of knowledge is concentrated into a programme which can help with the natural regulation of the blood sugar level. Recently scientifically proven in a study!


Take your health into your own hands!


The Health Hub not only works with 'below the shoulders', but above them as well. 

As our strapline says, gym goers are now health seekers.

Here at the Health Hub, we offer recovery solutions for your mind, body and soul.


Whether you need a deep massage to re-invigorate tired legs, a neurological massage to de-stress active minds or some infra red therapy to energise and give you a feel good glow.  

The Health Hub has it all. 


Our App
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Next Level Member Care

EGYM apps document training success and can be accessed by members and trainers at any time, ensuring high-impact and varied workouts for every target group.

Training Plans

Bespoke training plans crafted and pushed to your app - for that extra bit of exercise at home or whilst you're away on holiday. 

Workout Tracking

Track all your exercise activity, in and out of the Health Hub. Data can be captured via your wearable, xcapture or manually.

BioAge Tracking

All your data from your exercise activity is distilled into an easy to understand graphic.  BioAge gives you a holistic health overview based on fitness, endurance and strength.  

Activity Levels

Your exercise activity is clearly displayed in engaging graphics. The more you exercise the more points you are rewarded with. The more points you collect, the higher the level you will climb.  

Activity Feed

To continue the Tri Fitness camaraderie, the app offers an activity feed where members can view other members' workouts, applaud each others achievements, send motivational messages and more. 

Connected Apps

All your workout data is captured and distilled from your networked cardio wearables, xCapture, Connected Apps and heart rate training systems. 

Fitness Challenges

Keeping competition in mind, the app will offer the opportunity to take part in time based. fitness challenges. Based on workouts, calories, distance or even number of check-ins. 

Gym Ranking

We all like a bit of competition right? The app creates Leaderboards for a variety of Groups and  Challenges detailing monthly based gym rankings between members.  

Push Notifications

An effective way for the Health Hub to communicate with our members. Whether it be motivational messages or Health Hub announcements. 


So Where Are We?


Package A


Unlimited Health Hub - minimum of 2 per week recommended

Use of EGYM Kit, Vibro Plate, Concept2 Rower, Bike and Assault Bike
Access to all classes at The Health Hub     

Access to the  Tri Fitness App     

Free monthly Recipe Pack in PDF Format     

Includes Initial Induction and Free Assessment after every
Training Programme milestone (every 6 sessions)         



Package B

Unlimited Health Hub - minimum of 2 per week recommended

Use of EGYM Kit, Vibro Plate, Concept2 Rower, Bike and Assault Bike    

A CAR.O.L Bike licence including unlimited rides per month  
Access to all classes at The Health Hub    

Access to the  Tri Fitness App     

Free monthly Recipe Pack in PDF Format     

Includes Initial Induction and Free Assessment after every
Training Programme milestone (every 6 sessions)         



All include Induction, Band, CAR.O.L Licence & Health Hub App

Pay As You Go      


Classes                                                                                  £6

Health Hub Assessment    

Induction, Band & App                                                                                   £20


Health Hub Session                                                                                          £10


Personal Training - Non Members                                                              £35   

                                     Members                                         £25



A La Carté     


CAR.O.L Session

6 Ramp Up Rides and Login details                           £50                     

Intense - includes set up                                                  £15                   

Fat Burn 30 - includes set up                                          £15                     

Fat Burn 60 - includes set up                                         £20     




Recharge                                                                             £15                     

Reboot                                                                                  £25                     

Rescue                                                                                  £25                     

Weighted Blanket                                                             FREE     


Ignite - 15 mins                                                                   Please ask



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Say Hello.

Thanks for pinging me a note!

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37a Market Place 


MK46 4AJ

01234 240113


Please call to book an appointment to view the The Health Hub

01234 240113

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